Snow is a mater of perspective, If you're prepared - its a pleasure, if your not prepared - it's a pain.

Residentially, we have several crews immediately available to clear the snow so you can either get to work, home or those important meetings.


Snow accumulation requires Snow removal on roofs as well. 

We offer Contracted Services for

custom snow removal.

For commercial accounts, we offer

additional round the clock services,


  • For snow removal: We use

  • mechanical brooms, snow plows, skid-steers and dump-trucks if necessary to remove the snow off site.


  • For traction control: We spread sand.

  • For ice control: We spread a deicer. 

Feburay 2019, We opened the diveway.

Korpi Lawn and Landscape Inc.

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  • Helena, MT   ph: 406-458-8965

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