• Greg Korpi

Wrapping it up!

We looked at landscape as home decor, we have tried to identify who you are with the idea that your environment should be a reflection of you. Now what? With that graph paper of your property in hand and the atmosphere you like and want to create, identify the location of all the windows and doors on your home and outbuildings. What will you be doing in your home at these locations and what views will you be seeing from these locations? Describe briefly what you want to see out each opening.

Have you started a scrap book and put your favorite pictures in it as a way to describe the look or feel of the landscape you would like? Think of each window as an entry looking into an extension of each room, like foreshadowing of the real event. How did you decorate the interior? Can this theme be carried on outside?

Now take your graph paper of your property, the atmosphere you like, your description of what you would like the outside to be like with your scape-book and contact Korpi Lawn and Landscape for a consultation. Our consultants will take your ideas, and create a landscape plan for you.

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