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Where do I Start - Continued

Sometimes, one needs to take a step back in order to proceed. This is really true when it comes to planning landscape. Before planting that first plant or putting in a retaining wall, it's best to define what you want. The old adage that haste makes waste is really true. Believe it or not, we should first figure out who we are, what we like or dislike and what are we going to do with this environment before we do a bunch of stuff that needs to be redone. If you create a perfect environment but it does not fit you, it's a waste of resources. This is why it is so important to know thyself.

Without being overly reflective, ask your self, can I envision a perfect landscape for this property, if so, the remainder of this specific blog you can skip. If not, let's step through a few thoughts to help you define who you are, some of your likes and expectations.

Music, Literature and Arts

Do you like romantic compositions, mysteries, mind teasers, historical fiction, to name a few ... you may want to introduce these themes into your home's decor and your landscape. If you like music, you may want to use sound as a means to draw people in with a delicate wind chime or a surround sound system littley playing your favorite music. Literature lends to creating a reading environment with cozy nooks, swinging hammock chairs and private tables under a shade tree. Even the type of literature can be used to create an atmosphere; i.e. antiques can be used as sculptures, which could embellish a historical fiction landscape hinting at what you value.

As to Art: Seasonal floral colors can be used to paint your gardens. Your Gardens will have a life of their own and will be calling to you and your guests to return. Natural colored stones can create wondering borders, aged retaining walls, timeless tiled walkways, all of which are a reflection of your personality. Even your piece of Sculptured Art can be a centerpiece of your landscape room created for it's exhibition.

Social, Community, Neighborly

Are you energized with people involvement? Are you the neighbor everybody knows? Why not incorporate community into your home and landscape. One party created a community garden on their property, it brought joy to the owners to have others enter into their joy. Maybe you like parties with Community, Friends and Family; create an environment for hosting parties, add a pool for a center of attraction, add a grill and use this as a center to draw people into your space. Large lots and ranches are a great place for gatherings, a fire feature brings warmth and people with gather around any fire feature.

Quiet, Private, Reflective

Maybe you are quiet person, no parties, and all you want is an oasis where you can retreat and rejuvenate. Walls following the edge of your property where you can keep the world out and recover from the day. Maybe a sauna in the corner of a small courtyard, with a hot plate to make some tea. Maybe ponds running into each other and filled with fish, nestled into the garden of your dreams.

To help you identifying you who you are, I have put together some thoughts that you can use to as a way to see if you identify with them.

Atmosphere Activities Features

Community Animals Antiques

Contemplative Being Chicken Coop

Family/Children Bird watching Fire pit / Fireplace / Firefeature

Festive Children's Play Fish / Ponds / Stream

Hideaway Dining Furniture

Meditation Exercising Garden - Flower / Vegetable

Neighborly Gardening Grilling/Cooking

Private Gatherings Hammock

Relaxing Sports Hot Tub

Sanctuary Together Lawn Games

Social Stargazing Potting Shed

Welcoming Sunbathing Reading Nook

Wildlife Habitat Yoga/exercise Sauna

Swimming Pool

Water feature

After you have identified your self, who you are, your your likes, your activities, go to the next blog and we will start to put these themes and elements together to create your atmosphere.


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