• Greg Korpi

Where do I Start?

Updated: Jan 2, 2018

Home decor reflects your personal taste, suggesting an environment in which you flourish. Buying a home occasions some modifications to the decor. The home may either be brand new or have had previous owners. In both situations, your new home is waiting for a personal touch.

Consider the significance of your yard as you personalize your home. The view of any gardens, water features, or other landscaping in your yard will brighten the entire house.

Windows are like the eyes of your house, providing your guests a view of the grounds, and even making the kitchen an enjoyable work space. As you begin imagining the potential for your new home, don't forget to consider what might be done with the greater part of the land you now own.

Let us provide a few suggestions to help get your imagination started. You might begin by sketching your property's boundaries on a piece of graph paper. Include the location of all outdoor buildings (home, garage, tool shed, etc) in this process. Next, identify the topography of the land, noting any flat sections, slops, ponds, and other points of interest.

Buildings are the center piece of your property. The style of the home and out buildings can provide an initial guide for your yard design An inviting yard is one that complements a home's style. The yard reaches out past the curb, calling people to engage the landscape, the home, and the people within the environment.


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